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Meet the Maker - Kathleen Parker, Owner of Madcap Moksha & Clinical Herbalist

Updated: Feb 16

Kathleen Parker, Owner & Clinical Herbalist of Madcap Moksha Apothecary
Kathleen Parker, Owner & Clinical Herbalist of Madcap Moksha Apothecary

What is the inspiration behind you're brand, what does your Business/brand name mean to you?

The name Madcap Moksha has a unique and personal origin;  during my time studying Ayurveda, I became deeply consumed with the concept of Moksha. A Vedic term meaning "liberation from the cycle of life and death". It is one of the steps towards Samadhi, union with the divine, and in that step, one begins to awaken to the realization of their own divinity and purpose.  Madcap being a sort of tongue in cheek term, a capricious, somewhat reckless natured individual.... I began to play with the concept of a sort of reckless abandon towards freedom, self-realization, and self actualization. Madcap Moksha.

What is the intention behind your products? Share a bit about your process. 

I began Madcap Moksha Apothecary with a dream to guide and serve others in the path to taking one's health into their own hands. To be able to provide intentional, handmade products using quality and home grown or locally sourced ingredients. These are products that are imbued with nearly 20 years of progressive experience as a holistic esthetician  and clinical herbalist employing practices of Western Herbalism and Middle Eastern Medicine otherwise known as Iranian Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda.

Do you have any products intended to get you in the mood? 

Some of my favorite herbs for enhancing the mood would be Damiana,  and Maca.  These can be enjoyed as a tincture or tea. Last Valentine's Day, I created a limited edition "Shakti Syrup"  with the base of some of these herbs as well as others. A true aphrodisiac, libido enhancing syrup to enjoy on lover's day or any day.

Do you have any events, programs to promote?

 I'm passionate about empowering others through the power of plants, and created a work trade garden apprenticeship program in its fourth consecutive year that I host every April through October at my gardens in Southern Maine. I also have created a series of workshops, educational programs, and apprenticeships throughout the years, always looking for new ways to deliver concepts and content to individuals interested in the herbal path.

In my clinical practice, I provide in person as well as virtual, herbal consultations for a various number of health concerns and lifestyle focuses. I offer private herbal events such as the very popular Tea Blending Parties and  1:1 or group tea leaf readings. I provide custom blending and compounding of botanicals, herbal remedies, skin care and everything in between.

When I am not working on apothecary related matters, I am a garden consultant regarding regenerative landscaping, permaculture and sustainable designs and practices.


Kathleen Parker

Owner | Clinical Herbalist

Madcap Moksha Apothecary

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Feeling frustrated by hot flashes, sleepless nights, and mood swings that come with menopause? You're not alone.

At Irie Bliss, we understand the physical and emotional rollercoaster that menopause can be. That's why we partnered with Madcap Moksha Apothecary to offer you Femme Mend tincture - your natural path to relief and balance.

This unique blend of Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Burdock Root, and other nurturing herbs works holistically to combat hot flashes, improve sleep, and bring back emotional calm. 

Kathleen Parker, Madcap Moksha's founder and Clinical Herbalist, can even create personalized blends based on your unique needs and offer private consultations for guided support.

Don't wait to feel like yourself again. Visit our website to learn more about Femme Mend or to connect with Kathleen today!

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Love everything about you and your mission 💚 looking forward to all I can absorb of your knowledge

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