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Introducing Our Topical Starter Pack. Try all and save! Firgure out what works in your store! Our products target pain relief containing anti-inflammatory agents like arnica, essential oils, and full spectrum CBD which can help reduce inflammation and swelling associated with conditions like arthritis or injuries.

This kit includes the following: (& FREE Shipping)


2 Irie Bliss 200mg CBD Full Spectrum Face Serums.

2 Irie Bliss 750mg CBD Broad Spectrum Pain Relief Sticks.

2 Irie Bliss Mint Massage 300mg CBD Balms.

2 Irie Bliss Sports 1500mg CBD Full Spectrum w/ Arnica Lotions.

2 Irie Bliss 500mg CBD Lavender Body Butters.

2 Irie Bliss SOS! 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum w/ Arnica Lotions.

2 Irie Bliss Citrus Bliss 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum Lotions.

2 Irie Bliss 500mg CBD Braod Spectrum Magic Roll-Ons.

2 Irie Bliss Goddess Oil 500mg CBD Intimate Massage Broad Spectrum Oils.

Topical Starter Pack w/ FREE Shipping (w)

$480.00 Regular Price
$450.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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