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Solomon’s Salve is your joint and muscle support champion. This rub helps to ease tight, seizing joints and sore muscles, with a gentle, cooling sensation. Great for shoulder, neck, back and sacrum/seat related issues.


Infused into organic olive oil....


  • Home grown Solomon’s seal root: this bad boy is the “motion potion” for stiff joints and back issues.
  • Home grown St. John’s Wort: a powerful muscular, nerve, and neuro pain & strain ally.
  • Local wildcrafted Wintergreen: analgesic, antirhuematic./antiarthritic and pain eradicating to help induce overall relaxation.


Golden, fragrant local Maine beeswax marries it altogether into a beautiful, potently supportive soft salve.

Madap Moksha Solomon's Salve (2oz)

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