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For the over-stimulated and anxious desiring a heavy dose of "chill" without getting tired. Mycrosynergy Base™ + MycroCalm Complex™, Ashwaghada, Mucuna (Kappikachu), Ginger, and Black pepper Easy-to-take formula that blends well into all drinks or may be taken by mouth.

Take 2-6 pumps (1-3ml/serving) 1-2x a day or as directed by your practitioner

  • Our signature MycroSynergy™ Base, with a mood and cognition boosting combo of dual extracted lions mane, passionflower, fair-trade cacao, and bacopa herb in pure, organic date syrup and coconut MCT's
  • MycroCalm complex™ to pull your "balloon string" and put your feet back on the ground, for chill without the sleepiness, along with nervous system comforting extracts of Ashwagandha, Mucuna, Ginger, and Black pepper 


Herbs only work if you take them. As well-meaning as tinctures are, they often end up sitting unused in our cabinets despite our best intentions. Mycrodrops™ are beneficially delicious, with an easy-to-use measured pump, they can easily be taken directly by mouth or added to your favorite beverage. 

Mycro Grounded Elixir

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