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Our MycroFlow™ Formula is designed to improve healthy focus, creativity, and flow state while reducing stress-based intensity* Our MycroSynergy™ carrier helps everything work together for best results

Take 2-6 pumps (1-3ml/serving) 1-2x a day or as directed by your practitioner

  • Our signature MycroSynergy™ Base, with a mood and cognition boosting combo of dual extracted lions mane, passionflower, fair-trade cacao, and bacopa herb in pure, organic date syrup and coconut MCT's
  • MycroFlow™ complex with stress-busting extracts of Rhodiola, Gotu Kola, and Cardamom


Herbs only work if you take them. As well-meaning as tinctures are, they often end up sitting unused in our cabinets, in spite of our best intentions. Mycrodrops™ are beneficially delicious, with an easy-to-use measured pump, they can easily be taken directly by mouth or added to your favorite beverage. 

Mycro Focused Elixir

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