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Myrrhacle Facial Oil


This blend of 3 precious oils; Sesame, Apricot Kernal and Rosehip Seed have been used for centuries in Middle Eastern and Ayurvedic traditions of skin and hair care.


Sesame, touted the King of Oils due to its versatility, nutrient-density, and Vata-balancing and Kapha-warming qualities.


Apricot Kernal is revered as one of the best skin care ingredients in Middle Eastern and Indian preparations. It is healing, emollient, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, and uber antioxidant rich. It helps to defend against cellular damage and repair damage done. It is calming for sensitive types and also vata soothing.


Rosehip Seed is an antioxidant rich powerhouse, and tridoshic for all skin types as it nourishes  dry vata, soothes hot, irritated pita and breaks up stagnation of kapha.

The regenerative capabilities of rosehip are unparalleled, aiding in the skin’s ability to produce collagen, firming and toning, while brightening and clarifying and diminishing signs of aging.

MadCap Moksha Myrrhacle Facial Oil (60ml)

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